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Nottinghamshire Guardian 1849 to 1852

A number of articles from 1850 show the consequences of bare knuckle boxing, as they detail two fights which ended with the death of one of the combatants.  Boatman George Thoms killed Henry Flowers and was found guilty of manslaughter, for which he received three days' imprisonment.  In the other case, Richard Hall was also found guilty, and received one month's imprisonment.

Given that the only source of heat was an open fire, it is perhaps not surprising that there are a number of cases (and not just here in Nottingham) where clothes caught fire, causing serious burns.

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Seven year old Charles Walker from Beeston was found destitute outside the Derby Arms, after wandering from home.  He was sent to the Workhouse until his father claimed him.

In September 1852, Thomas Derby died of intoxication, having consumed at least half a pint of gin as well as some ale.  The landlord of the Ragged Staff carried him out of the pub and left him on the doorstep, where he went to sleep, and was later found dead by the local copper.

In May 1852, Emma Lewis drowned her infant son in the canal.

Articles from Nottinghamshire Guardian 1849 to 1852 (344kb)