Information from Kent

Otterham Quay

Otterham Quay, close to Rainham in Kent, was the home of a number of lightermen families, who transported hops, bricks and chalk from Kent to London, returning with boatloads of manure from London for the farmers of Kent.

Otterham Quay (52kb)


Chatham News

The first document covers two years, 1863 and 1871.

The major case from 1871 was the accusation that two bargemen, Richard Saffery and John Carden, had stolen goods from their barge, the Six Brothers, which was moored at the Lapwell on the river Medway.  The cargo was recovered goods from the wreck of the Clara White.  To say the evidence was contradictory would be an understatement!

The suicidal Georgina Sarah Cotsell was not at all grateful at being fished from the river Medway by bargeman Robert John Ruffles in May 1870, and said so, loud and clear, in court.

Names from Chatham News 1863 and 1870 (52kb)

The second document is for 1891, and details, amongst others, the one family crime wave of the Phillips clan.

Also recorded is the death of 101 year old Sarah Ann Izaby.  As well as a photograph of the lady in question, there is a record of an earlier interview with her, and her recollections of her childhood and youth.

Names from Chatham News 1891 (51kb)

The front page of the Chatham News from 17th March 1939.  As well as the story, and a photograph, of Lesley Hunt and Albert Booty, bargemen, rescued from the barge Gannet when she sank en route to Dean Hall, there are details of a royal visit to Chatham.

17th March 1939 (775kb)