Boatmen on the censuses

On many occasions, the occupants of canal boats were not counted on the censuses, but sometimes the census taker made the effort to count those who were on their boats overnight.

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The censuses here are those which I have found when researching my own family tree, and if anyone has any additional material to share, please pass it on and I will add it to the site.

1861 - Stourbridge Extension Canal (52kb)


1871 Census - Wolverhampton
Canal at Wolverhampton

The number of canal boats recorded on the 1871 Wolverhampton Censuses make it clear just how busy the canal must have been during that period.

The census record shows where the boats were parked on the canal, and which parish they were recorded in, and the names of the boats are recorded as well as those of the people living on board.

1871 Census - Wolverhampton St Mary's (78kb)



Single boats and single families

Some census entries simply record the "crew" of one specific boat.

Boat Ann - Seymour 1861 (794kb)