Liverpool Echo
Mersey Flat at Fiddler's Ferry
A small but interesting selection dating from 1914 to 1918.

Includes the obituary of 89 year old James Evans, who had fought in the Crimean War.  He was wounded at Sebastopol, and treated at Inkerman, where he met Florence Nightingale.  His description of her - "She was a grand young woman, who always walked and worked among the wounded.  We all thought the world of her, and she was just like a mother to us lads".  Not a bad way to be remembered.

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An article from February 1917 also shows the difficulties in keeping the canals working during war time, when so many men had been called up to fight at the front.  The government wished to maximise the use of canal transport in order to free up the overcrowded railways, but many boats were lying idle for lack of crew.  Mr Peploe, traffic manager of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company, was trying to gain exemptions for canal boatmen, and he stated :-

"You cannot make a canal boatman.  He has to be brought up to it from the time of leaving school".

The picture is a Mersey Flat at Fiddler's Ferry.


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