Other useful stuff

The first document here is a Calendar of prisoners from Worcestershire, dated 1839 to 1849, giving all the boatman entries.  Thanks to Worcestershire County Council.  In many cases the occupation is not given, and whilst this is a relatively small sample, it is also quite early, and might help in finding boatman ancestors in the Worcestershire area.

Location of the documents in the archive is also given, if anyone intends to visit.

Worcestershire Calendar of Prisoners 1839 to 1849 (90kb)


Oldtime Oldbury

I found this fascinating document, produced by the Oldbury Local History Society, some time ago.  Some of my relatives worked in the brick works there.  Aside from the oral history of the area, there are some great photographs.  Well worth a read for anyone who is researching in Oldbury, an area where many canal folk settled.

Incidentally I worked a summer at Tube Investments many moons ago, and Accles and Pollock was generally referred to as "Heckles and Bollocks", and not by any of the politer alternatives suggested in this!

Oldtime Oldbury (2572kb)


Work and Transport in the Victorian Age

An outreach guide from Virtual Waterways,and well worth a read.  Downloadable.  Apart from the data, there are some interesting photographs.

Work and Transport in the Victorian Age



Stoke on Trent
Stoke on Trent

For anyone with ancestors in Stoke on Trent, website www.search.exploringthe potteries.org.uk is of interest.  Some great information and documents.  This is the website of the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, and while it doesn't help with genealogy, there are many documents and photographs about Stoke and its environs.